a list of fictional fathers i wish were my dad (in no particular order)

not an exhaustive list, but definitely some of them

1. jawbone o'shaughnessey

a drawing of jawbone o'shaughnessey from dimension twenty's fantasy high
he's already really good with kids and i feel like he would be rly understanding. also hes already raising some kids, so whats one more? he wouldnt bullshit me and probably has lots of fun stories. also !! fluffy hugs !! plus: bonus siblings (adaine, tracker, fig, kristen, etc.)

2. skip

a drawing of skip from dimension twenty's a starstruck odyssey
hes kinda stupid but means rly well. very supportive. plus: bonus older brothers (gunnie and barry)

3. bobby singer

a picture of bobby from supernatural
i dont rly have an explanation, hes just a good dad. he would probably be pretty hard on me, but it would just be tough love (hopefully lmao)

4. mother timothy goose + henry hubbard

a picture of timothy goose from dimension twenty's neverafter a picture of henry hubbard from dimension twenty's neverafter
they're already such good dads !! they're both so sweet and caring :)) they would probably get me to read more (i would be smarter. maybe). plus: bonus brother (jack)