A Mask of My Own Face - Lemon Demon

> [literally just the vibe of this song lmao]

Bad Luck - Jhariah

> Between my left and right, I'd one day have to choose / "You're not like me, I'm not like you / I'm not who these things happen to" / And that's exactly what you say before they do
> Hand in hand come human error and plain bad luck / It seems the timing's always wrong / For the ones who wait too long / You'll never catch a break you'll have to make your own / My legs drag behind me / And they creak / In syncopated time / But I know / That one I will lose them too / I didn't have a clue
> And I would do it again / I'm not sorry but thank you / For enduring me / As long as you did / That's more than I'd ever ask of you

Fill in the Blank - Car Seat Headrest

> If I were split in two I would just take my fists / So I can beat up the rest of me
> You have no right to be depressed / You haven't tried hard enough to like it / Haven't seen enough of this world yet / But it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts / Well stop your whining, try again
> I've known for a long time / I'm not getting what I want out of people / It took me a long time / To figure out I don't know what I want / So you'll ask "Why?" and there will be no answer / Then you'll ask "For how long?" and there will be no answer / Then you'll ask "What can I do?" and there'll be no answer / And eventually you will shut up
> And I will never see the light (so stop your whining try again) / That I've seen shining in your eyes

Get A Hold Of Yourself - Jack Stauber

> Get a hold of yourself / I'm not used to it (whoa, oh no!) / Caught you with the light on (no, you didn't!) / Then I'm sorry, you're feeling's gone (no, you don't, no) / Get a hold of myself (yeah!) / But I'm getting tired of it

Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy - Mr. Bungle

> Spirit lifting / Master of shape-shifting / Seamless drifting / Shining spotlight / Screaming mobs and stage fright / You get it right

Hollow - Cloudeater

> I don't speak, nobody's listenin' / It's not safe to seek the attention / I won't sink, I won't wallow / In this dream that I have borrowed / So don't lead, I won't follow
> I move in all directions / I don't need any protection / And this beast is interjecting / And this soul can't help but connect it / And I'm ill with all that I know / 'Cause it shows what little I know / I want sacred, I want final / And I'm seeking it wherever I go
> I stay empty, I feel the hunger / So simple when I was younger / I awaken with the thunder / A bold statement to end my slumber / And this feeling has got a window / 'Til I'm numb, 'til I am blissful / 'Til the sum outweighs the mental / 'Til the blood of both is my limbo
> I'd find an answer if I wanted to / I'd be a dancer of a different tune / I won't get entranced, I will be changing soon

I / Me / Myself - Will Wood

> For some reason I find myself / Lost in what you think of me / And too confused to choose who I should be
> I get dressed up in shadows one leg at a time / We're so alike / But if the shoe fits, then I won't try it on / You'll be walking out early, but the show must go on / No, I know that I'm wrong / But I love how you're on my side when I cross that line / It's been a point of contention between myself and this / Body that they stuck me in

I'm Gonna Win - Rob Cantor

> My life is a constant entrapment of tunnels / Which tangle and wind and beguile / And regardless of where I may tumble or funnel / I wonder what's really worthwhile / Sometimes it can seem like a merciless dream / And I'm falling with nothing to hold / Sometimes I get flustered and beaten and blistered / Abandoned outside in the cold
> You've seen me before, you'll see me again / I'll never give up, I'll never give in / 'Til I'm bloody and bruised / 'Til I've broken my bones / 'Til I won't be abused / Til I'm laughing alone
> How do you feel? / You've been concealing your worries from the world / But you can reveal them to me / I wouldn't know / I go on even though / I'll be bloody and bruised / I'll be breaking my bones / I'll be paying my dues / I'll be laughing alone

Love, Me Normally - Will Wood

> I live deliberately, I'm a quitter / And a winner anyway / Cause I never agreed to participate in this game
> And I'd rather be normal. Yes, so normal / I suggest that we keep this informal / Cause a normal human being wouldn't need / To pretend to be normal to be normal / Well I guess that's the least that I owe ya / To be normal in a way I couldn't be / C'mon, c'mon, and love me normally
> I was nothing before so I couldn't have asked to be born / I'll be nothing again, so what am I between now and then / Is there nothing to fear? Cause shit's getting weird / So to God who made this man, you better have one hell of a plan

Monster - dodie

> I'm guessing that I've grown horns / I guess I'm human no more / I can tell I've rotted in your brain / Oh, how easily passion twists / You think I'm a crazy bitch / I craft my words to fit your head / 'Cause no one listens to the dead
> A meter apart / You blankly stare / We shout in our heads / Are you still in there? / Well this ends bad, then / We knew it would / So we won't eat our words / 'Cause they don't taste good
> Look, I know that I've seen this before / High and mighty, at the top of your list / Adoring every move, now my rank is sinking / But we're both guilty of black or white thinking / And through my red eyes, you look pale / All of your scars now looking more like scales / Two ugly creatures, two sinister preachers / Blind to the past, like a couple of monsters / Just a couple of monsters

Outliars and Hyppocrates: a fun fact about apples - Will Wood

> Did you know that the hole in the apple didn't come from the outside in? / It was eaten from the core and out to the skin, and that’s why you'll never find the worm in it . But a few bad ones won't spoil the eyes if they fall far enough from the tree
> Who'd want to be human anyway? (Ay, ay, ay, ay) / Who pilots all these crude machines? / Why'd you come into this world or come out that way? / Like freaks of nurture, well isn't it funny? / (Well, not "ha-ha" funny, but y'know, funny)
> I doubt that you would even if you could change / The things that make you special are the things that make you strange
> Too weird to love, too scared to die (Ay, ay, ay, ay) / Too alien to take you home / Horrified at the sight of my reflection in your eyes / I don’t belong there / Well, it's your conclusions that make mine delusions, so I make you sane / You can thank me later
> Who’d want to belong to anyone? (Ay, ay, ay, ay) / I mean, what do people even do? / So if you love me, let me let you go, my love (Ay, ay, ay, ay) / So I can be no one

Theatre - Etta Marcus

> I rehearse a work of theatre for you / Come alive / I'll play dead tonight / I'll remember each line / Go again, I won't mind / I would fake it every time / I could stop pretending, quit my dreaming / Turn on the lights / I'm holding onto / Every word I made up for you / I'm not flesh, I'm not blood
> I wanna be loved, I wanna be loved / Like right out of a movie / Where I sweep you up / I wanna be loved, I wanna be loved / Like right out of a movie / Where I am the star / Yes, I'll be the star
> I could blush, I'm so shy / Rest your head on side / We could stay in my mind / We could be what we like
> Call me baby / When you forget my name / I'm just glad that you came / Call me baby / Let me die on the stage / Let the orchestra play / Let the orchestra play

Variations on a Cloud - Miracle Musical

> OK, jump to end it all / Let this one be to break the fall / It's a little bit of magic to end the world / But I thought you knew me truly / Something different than we started with in the world / Does it even matter to me?
> Do you like how I walk? Do you like how I talk? / (It's a little bit of magic to end the world) / Do you like how my face has learned to tick like a clock? / (But I thought you knew me truly) / I have a wonderful life / I know a powerful Bob (Something different than we started with in the world) / He eulogizes me for being geocentric (Does it even matter to me?) / (Ha ha ha ha!)

Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko

> So you feel entitled to a sense of control / And make decisions that you think are your own / You are a stranger here, why have you come?
> Who, who are you really? / And where are you going? / I have nothing left to prove / 'Cause I have nothing left to lose
> Now you're moving on and you say you're alone / Suspicious that this string is moving your bones
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